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WellDone International is a global non-profit organization dedicated to expanding access to clean water for rural communities in Southeast Asia and Africa. The company remotely monitors the status of hand pumps on rural water wells to identify whether any are out of order or in need of repairs. This allows their teams to act fast and minimize interruptions in potable water service.

WellDone reached out to Torii Studio to request a renovated dashboard application that would facilitate their work monitoring the hand pumps. They needed an improved system that would optimize their team’s efficiency and effectiveness while providing WellDone with the right tools to scale its operations and bring its services to more communities.


The Challenge

Torii Studio collaborated with WellDone to update its dashboard system with a codebase that would introduce machine learning processes, features, and tools. We corrected UX issues such as poor accessibility and lack of mobile compatibility, which were making WellDone’s work harder.

Our team worked around a series of constraints to create a system that could function properly in the remote locations where WellDone operates. We had to rewrite the codebase and optimize the UI and UX for users with poor connectivity and slow mobile devices. The result was a scalable and easy-to-use system that operates effectively in the places where the WellDone teams live and work.

The Process

First, we implemented a single source of truth to improve cohesiveness and accessibility. This source of truth is a combination of a design system and a UI component library that provides WellDone with the resources to scale quickly and easily in the future. In addition, this development process will:

  • Ensure end-to-end consistency

  • Help developers create high-quality production code

  • Allow the design team to easily iterate with new features

Next, our team built WellDone’s dashboard. It contains a monitor, admin portal, and interactive map, which is the dashboard’s main feature. The map allows users to locate hand pumps and access relevant information, such as their operational status, installation date, and history.

The Result

WellDone’s new mobile-friendly dashboard application is fully operational and ready to scale with new features. The dashboard is now operable in low connectivity conditions with improved performance, accessibility, and loading times. With the updated interface and improved UX functionality, WellDone’s operators can locate water pumps on the map and read instant status reports.

With this new scalable dashboard, WellDone is equipped to expand its operations to more countries and continue to ensure access to potable water for communities in need.


Joshua To / Co-Founder / WellDone profile
Torii Studio worked around WellDones unique operational needs and provided us with the right tools to scale and continue with our mission of ensuring access to safe drinking water for everyone."
Joshua To / Co-Founder / WellDone

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