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About the Project

Kovo fosters economic mobility as a Public Benefit Corporation, prioritizing responsible operations and customer-focused products.

To bring their services to market, Kovo enlisted Torii Studio’s help to design and build a new mobile-optimized website experience and a series of landing pages.






Web Development

UX/UI Design

Design Systems

The Challenge

Kovo wanted to provide its users with an intuitive, straightforward experience that highlighted the benefits of their products and services.

Torii Studio helped Kovo achieve a more cohesive UX/UI in both of its websites by striking a balance between consistent branding and the visual elements the company needed to communicate its mission.

The Process

  • Established an Agile methodology

    • Collaborate more efficiently between the product, design and development teams.

    • Easily implement scalable and complex features.

  • Established a design and development process. To provide Kovo with the tools to scale quickly and easily in the future, we compiled a source of truth containing a design system and a component library.

    • Ensure end-to-end consistency.

    • Help developers create high-quality production code.

    • Allow the design team to easily iterate with new features.

Nimit Jain / Co-Founder / Kovo profile
Torii helped us jumpstart our investment in development and design. It was a fundamental bridge as founders with an in-house team."
Nimit Jain / Co-Founder / Kovo

The Results

Kovo’s new website features a cohesive look and a more consistent user experience. Information is presented in a clear format that makes it easy for visitors to understand the benefits of the company’s services. Our Studio’s intervention led to marked improvements in:

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