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Kovo is a fintech startup that seeks to create an environment where economic mobility is more prevalent. As a Public Benefit Corporation, it is committed to operating responsibly and creating products that provide real benefits for its customers.

To bring their services to market, Kovo enlisted Torii Studio’s help to design and build a new mobile-optimized website experience and a series of landing pages.


The Challenge

Kovo wanted to provide its users with an intuitive, straightforward experience that highlighted the benefits of their products and services.

Torii Studio helped Kovo achieve a more cohesive UX/UI in both of its websites by striking a balance between consistent branding and the visual elements the company needed to communicate its mission.

The Process

  • Established an Agile methodology. We employed a set of Agile techniques to help us:

    • Collaborate more efficiently between the product, design and development teams.

    • Easily implement scalable and complex features.

  • Established a design and development process. To provide Kovo with the tools to scale quickly and easily in the future, we compiled a source of truth containing a design system and a component library. This new development process will:

    • Ensure end-to-end consistency.

    • Help developers create high-quality production code.

    • Allow the design team to easily iterate with new features.

The Result

Kovo’s new website features a cohesive look and a more consistent user experience. Information is presented in a clear format that makes it easy for visitors to understand the benefits of the company’s services. Our Studio’s intervention led to marked improvements in:

Nimit Jain / Co-Founder / Kovo profile
Torii helped us jumpstart our investment in development and design. It was a fundamental bridge as founders with an in-house team."
Nimit Jain / Co-Founder / Kovo

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