TrueSource is a no-code platform for building and monetizing data products backed by 500 Startups. The company reached out to Torii Studio for help fine-tuning its platform ahead of its launch date.

We helped TrueSource streamline its development cycle and leverage automation and modern front-end workflows to build a set of highly-customizable features for its platform. The results earned TrueSource the #2 Product of the Day award at Product Hunt and dozens of rave reviews from enthusiastic users.

The Challenge

Without a formal front-end process, code quality, communication, and development speed all suffer. As an early-stage startup, TrueSource recognized this challenge and enlisted our help to build a fast and efficient front-end process from the ground up. 

At the same time, the innovative nature of TrueSource’s product coupled with a series of UI/UX oversights made it difficult for users to understand how the platform worked and get the most out of its features.

The Process

Our team set the foundation for a strong and dynamic product by optimizing TrueSource’s front-end process and its development team’s performance:

Refactored the codebase for improved collaboration, scalability, and development speed

Integrated automated tools such as CI/CD configurations, dependency checkers, code quality analyzers, and end-to-end testing

Secured automated flows with a security analyzer and vulnerability checkers

Built a component system with high-quality, reusable components

Created developer documentation with a front-end style guide

Once our team set a robust technical foundation, we got to work on building a set of customizable features that will provide TrueSource’s users greater flexibility and elevate the platform’s overall UX:

Built a set of customizable features. These new features enable TrueSource’s users to:

  • Build custom Sign In and Sign Up experiences for their data products

  • Create custom email flows to streamline communication deliver more personalized customer experiences

  • Adapt products to support multiple languages with i18n integrations 

Created custom onboarding experiences. The new tutorial reduces users’ learning curve with a quick introduction to TrueSource’s main features.

The Result

Torii Studio’s front-end process and systems tripled TrueSource’s development speed while enhancing collaboration and code quality. The automated workflows and testing frameworks reduced regression issues by 5X and will enable their development team to identify bugs earlier in the development process. Post-launch reviews indicate that TrueSource’s users are enjoying a superior product experience and have better tools at their disposal to capitalize on the platform’s groundbreaking features.

A full year after this successful launch, TrueSource was acquired by KBS Solutions, one of its largest clients.

Edward Igushev / CTO / TrueSource profile
Torii Studio is exceptional in their commitment to excellence, with unwavering diligence, integrity, and consistency. Their attention to detail, ethical practices, and ability to consistently exceed expectations make them the best in the business. Highly recommended."
Edward Igushev / CTO / TrueSource

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