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BSTEVR is a fantasy sports platform where fans can create matchups between teams and players from any season in sports history. Users can arrange dream games like the 1981 San Francisco 49ers vs. the 1986 Cleveland Browns or watch Tom Brady play Jim Brown. BSTEVR enables these simulations by combining real-life historical player data with machine learning. The platform initially launched with NFL teams and is currently expanding to include options for NBA fans.

BSTEVR wanted to develop a product that offered its users a highly interactive fantasy sports experience. The company hired Torii Studio to build a framework and a component system that could bring this web-based experience to life and continue to grow with the platform.


The Challenge

BSTEVR needed a scalable, mobile-optimized web experience for its growing fantasy sports platform. Our Studio was tasked with building a framework and component system that could support this concept and ensure a consistent experience in both platform versions.

Since this would be a web-based experience, we had to work around challenges like slow loading times for animations and ensuring that BSTEVR’s highly interactive components were rendered correctly.

The Process

  • Developed the infrastructure. Our Studio set the foundation for BSTEVR by developing a robust and rapidly scalable framework which would allow their development team to make updates and easily add new features.

  • Refined the process and components through prototypes. To ensure that our framework and components worked properly and were of the highest quality, we developed functional prototypes for the following sections:

    • Site Frontpage

    • Archive and Search Experience

    • Story Content

    • Editor

    • Simulator

  • Established a development process. To help developers write high-quality production code in the future, we created a source of truth containing a set of best practices, guidelines, and documentation.

  • Built a component system. We developed a component system to provide the engineering team with a set of reusable components. This would allow them to iterate design changes and improvements rapidly before integrating them.

The Result

BSTEVR’s successfully launched its beta by the end of 2020 with an NFL simulator. The new website allows users to create fantasy mashups in a highly interactive environment powered by Torii Studio’s framework and component system. Our design system provided the engineering team with the right set of tools to continue growing the platform while maintaining first-rate UI/UX.

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