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About the Project

Lume, founded in 2019 with support from Y-Combinator, targets US nursing professionals, functioning as a comprehensive platform similar to Glassdoor.

The collaboration between Torii Studio and Lume resulted in a speedy development of a sophisticated and interactive job-search web platform.






Web Development

Design Systems

The Challenge

We were tasked with building this framework from scratch plus creating several complex features such as a Nurse Dashboard and a Map Experience.

To accomplish this, we established a process and resources that allowed us to speed up the development and prototyping process, all while producing high-quality code and maintaining UI/UX best practices.

The Process

  • Established an Agile methodology. Our work was guided by a set of Agile techniques that helped us collaborate more effectively with the front-end and back-end teams.

  • Established a development process

    • Implemented a scalable framework using the latest front-end technologies to support Lume’s platform.

    • Created a set of best practices, guidelines, and documentation to help developers execute quickly and create high-quality production code.

    • Built a source of truth to help designers and developers iterate rapidly with design changes in the future.

  • Implemented a process for us to be able to create and reuse rapidly

    • Built prototypes to get buy-in from stakeholders for highly customized components and experiences.

    • Implemented scalable features that adapted quickly to new changes and iterations.

    • Created a responsive component system.

Christopher Chang / Co-Founder / Lume (YC S20) profile
Working with Torii has been critical to getting our product off the ground. Starting from day 1, Torii helped us put together the right team for our needs, and put in place the right processes to make sure that we were building as efficiently as possible. Would recommend 10/10."
Christopher Chang / Co-Founder / Lume (YC S20)

The Results

Lume’s new platform is a one-stop-shop for nursing professionals seeking job opportunities across the US. Users can create a profile through the Nurse Dashboard feature and use it to apply for positions, track the progress of those applications, and respond to invitations.

The interactive map allows them to search for openings by filtering for location, job type, and start date plus create a list of saved jobs. These features are all supported by a framework, component library, and a development process created by Torii to help Lume reach its goal of becoming the most trusted network for nurses.

After our collaboration with Lume, the company got acquired by Vivian Health.

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